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Clear vision in surgery
Delivering premier vision in surgery so that surgeons can focus on what matters. 

Unmet need 

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of surgical errors are due to the lack of clear vision during procedures


endoscopic procedures performed annually worldwide where there is a significant need for clear vision 


of the time the time in surgery, organ view is obstructed due to contamination 


Vope specializes in AI-enhanced surgical visualization solutions. Our cutting-edge software addresses a significant unmet need in endoscopic surgery, where 37% of total surgical time is compromised by obscured views due to blood or fog on the endoscopic camera lens. Existing cleaning methods contribute to clinician anxiety, heightened errors, and operational inefficiencies. Through advanced image enhancement, we decrease cleaning incidents, offering a seamless and disruption-minimized experience.

Our vision is to pave the way for a future where every endoscopic surgery benefits from AI augmentation, ensuring real-time premier vision. This empowers surgeons to concentrate on the crucial aspects of their work without compromising clarity or efficiency.


Vope enhances surgical view in real-time using an AI-driven approach. We bring Generative-AI to surgery by leveraging our proprietary software and real-world surgical data.


Our product's key advantage lies in its seamless integration with endoscopic systems, remaining agnostic to all optics systems available on the market.

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6795 Rue Marconi Bureau 200, Montreal, Quebec H2S 3J9

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